I’m a web designer who codes

👋 Hi, I'm Kieran. I'm a web designer who codes. Specialising in Webflow development and a human-centric approach to design, I've delivered many website for clients across the globe over the past 5+ years.

Currently I'm working for Mäd Creative Consultancy in Cambodia as a senior web designer and developer leading websites for some of the countries largest banks and real estate developments amongst other projects.

My recent projects

Client project


In development


My personal projects

Personal project (in development)


Reinventing the classic Tower Block game with a clean, minimal and modern design BlockStack is my first

game development project. Built in Lua with the Corona SDK framework.

Personal project

Millennial Money Management

Millennial Money Management is a curated directory website of the latest fintech apps.

Built using VueJs, the website is a single page web application with PayPal integration running on Netlify.

Personal project


Boltflow was built to solve a personal desire to have a quick and easy system way to optimize Webflow site exports.

I launched the MVP on Product Hunt with a solid 57 upvotes as of June 2020.

Latest from my blog

I write a variety of articles over on the Kieran Glover Blog in areas such as productivity and business.

Every Sunday I write a weekly email newsletter titeld Sunday Brief for creative professionals where I share my thoughts, inspiration, life lessons and interesting reads from that week.

Blog post

Life lessons learned from trading and investing

Blog post

How Gamification Can Boosts Productivity

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